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Senior High School

S.Y. 2022-2023

August to October 2022

Starting on August 31, 2021 (Tuesday), the following schedule is recommended for accomplishing Learning Activity Sheets (LAS) for the different subjects at home during schooldays. It will also be generally followed for teacher intervention, using media such as TV, radio, mobile phone, recorded videos, to be done once a week (Friday - Grade 11; Saturday - Grade 12).

Grade 11 Class Program - First Sem - Word 12_08_2022 10_28_00 AM.png
Grade 12 Class Program - First Sem - Word 12_08_2022 10_27_29 AM.png

The following mode of learning delivery will be followed for limited face-to-face and distance learning. The learning materials shall be distributed and collected from the students in the school campus every Saturday.


In view of prevailing pandemic conditions, schedules and activities may be modified when necessary to prioritize wellness and safety as mandated by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), Department of Health (DOH), Department of Education (DepEd), and Local Government Units (LGU).

Storyline for SHS Grade 11 (First Semester)

  • The first period is for PE. There is some research showing that many older adolescents have a tendency to wake up late and receptiveness starts to peak later in the morning. The PE class will help awaken their senses. :-)

  • Next are the Earth Sciences so that even if the learners have a slow start, the abstract scientific principles are more connected with what are easily observed with the senses in the home/garden/sky.

  • Next is General Mathematics which will help them review and prepare for their core, applied and specialization subjects that come later.

  • For the next subject, the different tracks split up for their specialized subjects. For STEM, they have Pre-calculus, which requires knowledge from General Mathematics.

  • Before lunch, everyone takes up Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person that allows reflection on the evolution of human thought and knowledge of the world vis-à-vis the human search for self-actualization as a part of the universal community. The subject gives a lot of insights for lunchtime conversations.

  • Four periods in the afternoon then focus on a higher level exposure to the languages of formal communication in the Philippines – English and Filipino – with emphasis on their use in professional and creative works.

 Storyline for SHS Grade 12 (First Semester)     

  • The first period is for PE for the same reason cited for Grade 11.

  • The sequence for the different tracks when separate and when combined is as follows:







  • Note, for STEM, we start with Physics 1, followed by Chemistry 2 (since Chemistry 1 is taken in the 2nd semester of Grade 11), and then Biology 1. Since Physics is the most math-heavy of these subjects, yet very much relatable to everyday events and observations, it is good to have it earlier. Moreover, Biology of the 21st century requires much more Physics and Chemistry than in previous centuries.

  • After the students get their exposure in their specialized subjects, they then look at how ICT empowers them to push frontiers forward.

  • Lest the scientific, business and technological perspectives over-dominate their development as humans, they end the day appreciating aesthetics and the creative spirit in the context of their motherland, the Philippines, and reflecting on their own personal development.      


Fundamentals of ABM 2

Business Finance 

Applied Economics


Philippine Politics and Governance

Disciplines and Ideas in the Applied Sciences

Creative Nonfiction:  The Literary Essay


General Physics 1

General Chemistry 2

General Biology 1


Computer Programming

Computer Systems Servicing


Empowerment Technologies:

ICT for Professional Tracks


Practical Research 2

Media and Information Literacy

Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions

Personal Development


PTGA Orientation and Schedule of Activities

Protocols on the Distribution and Collection of LAS

Roles of Parents and Guardians as Facilitators

Schedule of Long Exams for JHS and SHS

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