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The CVIF offers

Junior High School (Grades 7 - 10) and Senior High School (Grades 11 - 12)

Senior High School

Accountancy, Business and Management

Humanities and Social Sciences

Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering

Information and Communications Technology


2020 ASM Talk_C Bernido.jpg
2020 ASM Talk_C Bernido.jpg

Added Note: Handwriting is a subject-centered strategy to pin down focus and attention. Evidence shows that minimum learning while simply writing notes by hand still has better outcomes than just listening to lectures, reading or keyboarding. Naturally, the amount of learning increases with increase in diligence, earnestness and seriousness with which the learner studies the concept digest and examples, then does the exercises and answers questions, with no fear of making mistakes as the whole exercise is part of formative learning.


Note: Common in top-performing countries in international assessments are intensive teacher intervention requiring big-budget intensive teacher training, and big-budget advanced facilities. Moreover, some systems encourage intensive after-school tutoring or cram school, both of which are strongly discouraged in the CVIF DLP wherein strategic rest is a nonnegotiable feature for physiological and intellective reasons (zero homework policy pre-pandemic; nothing beyond the LAS required during pandemic conditions. Any studies beyond the LAS are optional for the learner.)

2020 ASM Talk_C Bernido.jpg

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