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Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Entrep LAS 0 Semestral Plan
Download PDF • 130KB
Entrep LAS 1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Download PDF • 202KB
Entrep LAS 2 Importance of Entrepreneurship
Download PDF • 221KB
Entrep LAS 3 The Core Competencies of an Entrepreneur
Download PDF • 215KB
Entrep LAS 4 Career Opportunities in Entrepreneurship
Download PDF • 198KB
Entrep LAS 5 The Entrepreneurial Process
Download PDF • 250KB
Entrep LAS 6 Key Concepts of Market and Market Players
Download PDF • 220KB
Entrep LAS 7 Identifying Customer Needs
Download PDF • 260KB
Entrep LAS 8 Addressing the Market Need
Download PDF • 244KB
Entrep LAS 9 PT1 Addressing the Market Need
Download PDF • 219KB
Entrep LAS 10 The Four Ms of Operations
Download PDF • 205KB

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