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General Chemistry 2

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

S.Y. 2022-2023

Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 0 Semestral Plan
Download PDF • 244KB
Gen Chemistry 1 LAS 27. The Modern Quantum Mechanical View of the Atom I
Download PDF • 187KB
Gen Chemistry 1 LAS 28. The Modern Quantum Mechanical View of the Atom II
Download PDF • 203KB
Gen Chemistry 1 LAS 29. Electron Configuration and the Rain Method
Download PDF • 271KB
Gen Chemistry 1 LAS 30. Condensed Electron Configuration and Valence Electrons
Download PDF • 241KB
Gen Chemistry 1 LAS 31.. Atomic Orbital Diagrams
Download PDF • 274KB
Gen Chemistry 1 LAS 32. Magnetic Properties and Orbital Diagrams
Download PDF • 144KB
Gen Chemistry 1 LAS 34. Trends in the Periodic Table of Elements Atomic Radius
Download PDF • 154KB
Gen Chemistry 1 LAS 35. Trends in the Periodic Table of Elements Ionic Radius
Download PDF • 147KB
Gen Chemistry 1 LAS 36
. Trends in the Periodic Table of Elements Ionization Energy and Ele
Gen Chemistry 1 LAS 37. Diagram of Trends in the Periodic Table of Elements
Download PDF • 205KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 1 Drawing the Lewis Dot Structure
Download PDF • 827KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 2 Geometry of Molecules
Download PDF • 856KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 3 Bond Polarity and Electronegativity
Download PDF • 712KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 4 Polarity of Molecules
Download PDF • 835KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 5 The Kinetic Molecular Theory of Matter
Download PDF • 796KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 6 The KMT Picture of the Phases of Matter
Download PDF • 681KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 7 Types of Intermolecular Forces I
Download PDF • 387KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 8 Types of Intermolecular Forces II
Download PDF • 330KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 9 Types of Intermolecular Forces III
Download PDF • 375KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 10 Properties of Liquids I_ Surface Tension
Download PDF • 220KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 11 Properties of Liquids II_Capillaty Action and Viscosity
Download PDF • 273KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 12 Properties of Liquids III_ Vapor Pressure, Boiling Point, Molar Hea
Download • 267KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 13 The Molecular Structure of Water
Download PDF • 404KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 14 H-Bonding and the Properties of Water
Download PDF • 451KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 15 Crytalline vs Amorphous Solid
Download PDF • 305KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 16 Phase Diagrams
Download PDF • 293KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 17 Interpreting Phase Diagrams I_ Water
Download PDF • 464KB
Gen Chemistry 2 LAS 18 Interpreting Phase Diagrams II Water
Download PDF • 286KB

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