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Physics 2 LAS (PEP)


(These were emailed to online students earlier.) The following Physics LAS are taken from the Physics Essentials Portfolio (PEP) of the Learning Physics as One Nation Project (FAPE-PEAC, 2008) written by M.V. Bernido and C.C. Bernido. These are to be given except those already done in JHS. (Note that many students may appreciate reviewing the LAS.)

  • Electric Currents

  • Electrical Energy and Power

  • Electromagnetic Induction

  • Electromagnets (6th LAS - Project is optional)

Grades will be based only on what they can reasonably accomplish by May 31st. The additional LAS are for completion of some competencies to help them prepare for their college courses. They will not be part of the grade unless there is need for these to be used as remediation for students who need additional work to merit a passing mark.

Electric Currents
Download PDF • 597KB

Electrical Energy and Power
Download PDF • 374KB

Electromagnetic Induction
Download PDF • 355KB

Download PDF • 508KB

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